Optical Flare Compositor Node for Blender, Tracking, Animating, and Tips


Learn how to Importing Optical Flare Compositor Node for Blender Compositing, Tracking, Animating, and Tips. CGVIRUS Studio is very happy to release their free Optical Flare Node for Blender.

Optical Flare Compositor Node for Blender Compositing

It’s a robust interface for artists to create good quality flares quickly in the Blender Compositor environment. The node system has enabled a massive development for customization.
Fahad Hasan Pathik aka CGVIRUS has develped nod and using it in their production pipeline and updating it through many projects .

How to use the presets and some techniques to work with compositors easily. This tutorial covered the key points tracking for optical flare. Download Blender OFL Compositer Noed

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