Original Sci Fi Short Film The Shaman


Original Sci Fi Short Film The Shaman A proposal from the Austrian director Marco Kalantari , which will premiere at the Film Festival in New York Tribeka .Shot in Austria and Iceland and created by a team of international artists, THE SHAMAN is a film of outstanding production values. Impressive craft has become somewhat of the norm in science-fiction short films, but it’s the sheer scale of Kalantari’s production that makes it difficult to ignore.

Original Sci Fi Short Film The Shaman

Original Sci Fi Short Film The Shaman

Boasting a gaggle of extras ten-times the size of the average short film cast, THE SHAMAN was initially imagined (and written) as a feature-length film and Kalantari and his team obviously didn’t want to compromise on their original vision by scaling it down for the shorter format. Despite the aesthetic obviously hogging most of the attention lavished on the film, the director was keen for his short not to become another teaser for a larger project that was all style over content. “It was clear for me that this must not be a mere proof-of-concept”, says Kalantari, “but a stand-alone narrative piece that can entertain and inspire its audience”.

There a popular debate that often resonates through the virtual walls of Short of the Week HQ – one that surrounds the balance between story and craft. We’ve made it pretty clear that in our search for the next generation of innovative storytellers narrative is key, but when does craft get too impressive to ignore? There’s no denying that the standout element of THE SHAMAN is its grand aesthetic, but don’t write-off Kalantari’s talents (and efforts) in building original worlds full of unique characters – I get the feeling we may well see more of his work on a bigger screen sometime soon.

An exceptional short film science fiction, special effects VFX -class , spectacular scenery and an original CGI script, which will be talking about , is likely to become one super -production , To realize creative artists have participated CGI , from around the world, such as Japan , Singapore , Taiwan , Ukraine , France , Serbia, England, Germany, etc. A gem worthy of seeing.


  1. OMG!!! The Shaman trailer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE THAN… WOW!!! AWESOME!!! Had it been made, the full-length movie would have been a DEFINITE, SMASHING hit and sell-out for sci-fi fan’s!!! And more than likely, for even those liking other genres!! What’s the possibility of the full-length movie being created???

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