Ornatrix hair for Maya Hair and Fur solution for Maya

Ornatrix hair for Maya

Ornatrix is a complete hair, fur, and feather solution for Maya, currently being developed in a closed beta.
Ornatrix hair for Maya In this tutorial we take an initial look and explore the port of our 3dsmax hair, fur, and feather solution to Autodesk Maya. See how hair can be quickly added, styled, and rendered using the Hair Stack, a set of parametric hair operators, and V-Ray.


Ornatrix hair complete hair and fur, solution for Maya

Presents a quality workflow for character modeling. Ornatrix goes even extra and allows for you to get ZBrush personality hair into 3dsmax, as native hair, speedily and easily
Project page: ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/maya/ornatrix/

Ornatrix for Maya Hair from Mesh Strips

Ornatrix brings a very strong feature: capability to generate hair along polygon meshes. This allows for you to make use of ordinary polygon modeling tools to define the form of the hairs at the same time benefiting the rest of the procedural power of Ornatrix hair grooming. The adaptive nature of this option makes it possible for for top customization of the way that hairs are generated as good as including quite a lot of effects. The non-damaging procedure also allows for you to return and make changes to the polygon mesh and notice the final hair updates in real time.

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