Create Photo Realistic Mars in Cinema 4d using Corona Renderer


This tutorial will help you create a Photo-Realistic Mars texture in Cinema 4d using Corona renderer. Blauw Films, show you how to create Atmosphere by using photo-textures as a reference to guide a Fresnel – Gradient. After watching this tutorial you can easily create Mars planet texture or your favorite one in Corona renderer.

Create Mars Texture

How to Create Realistic Mars texture using Corona Renderer

Blauw Films used different NASA textures for the globe and used the Corona Layered Material to create a separation between the land and the water. You can also learn in-depth about Syntactic Labyrinths and Corona Volume Material to create a realistic atmosphere.

Download High-Resolution planet and space textures for free from Solarsystemscope. Also Checkout this Space HDRI it will help you to create batter renders.

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