Photoshop Portrait Painting Tutorial


Photoshop Portrait Painting Tutorial Portrait painting is a genre in painting, where the intent is to depict a human subject. The term ‘portrait painting’ can also describe the actual painted portrait. Portraitists may create their work by commission, for public and private persons, or they may be inspired by admiration or affection for the subject. Portraits are often important state and family records, as well as remembrances
Historically, portrait paintings have primarily memorialized the rich and powerful. Over time, however, it became more common for middle-class patrons to commission portraits of their families and colleagues. Today, portrait paintings are still commissioned by governments, corporations, groups, clubs, and individuals. In addition to painting, portraits can also be made in other media such as etching, lithography, photography, video and digital media.

Photoshop Portrait Painting Tutorial

Photoshop Painting Walkthrough-Michael Shannon- Portrait

A Demonstrational Tutorial for traditional-style painting in Photoshop. For advanced Photoshop users who know how to work with layers and adjustment layers, custom brushes, warping and transform tools, and who already have developed some observational skill for drawing and painting.

Photoshop Photorealistic Portrait – Digital Painting

tried to come up with a photorealistic digital painting portrait in Photoshop without any external tools such as plug-ins, brushsets etc. Only the given tools. All on one layer

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