Pig Rig for Maya with new update By Emilio Serrano


Pig Rig for Maya By Emilio Serrano with new update v3 released…just more attributes for “hide/unhide” rog controls, ears, tail, leg extra stuff…hope it provides a better and less confusing rig control display. v2 released…just added a few controls for the better eyebrows manipulation. Pretty straight forward quadruped rig.

Pig rig for Maya with new Features


FK/IK Spine

Spring dynamics with full animation control for ears, fur, tail, and tongue.

Stretch and squash belly control.

Face rig, eyelids, eyebrows, snout, nostrils, fangs, and lips.

5 different diffuse textures to customize your own pigskin.

Unreal/Unity in-game friendly just by exporting geometries (4 influences linear skinning) and bone hierarchy

Model created by Richard Hammond, http://www.rich-hammond3d.com/

Pig has been rigged using mgear3 and it needs to be installed in your Maya folder.



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