Polywink 3D Facial Animation For Maya And Unity


Polywink is an online platform for 3D facial animation, automatically generating blendshapes and facial rigs for your models .

Polywink New Plug For 3d live Facial Animation witch Supports Maya and Unity

blendshapes generation to automatic facial rigging solutions, it provide everything you need to bring your characters to life. automatic blend shapes generator and automatic face rigging solutions , enable us to deliver your 3D characters in less than 24 hours.

A great answer to tight deadlines and an ideal way to simplify your workflow!

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Polywink for Animation For IPhone X ARKit Blendshapes

Animation for iPhone X is a service which automatically generates the 52 blendshapes needed to use the iPhone X as a powerful and accessible MoCap device. It works for any character and morphology, from scanned heads to photorealistic 3D models or cartoonish characters, preserving the user’s topology.

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