Portrait of Woman CGI 3D Art Work BY Pasquale Giacobelli


Pasquale Giacobelli is a 3d artist from Milan, Italy. In this put up you will see Portrait of Woman 3D Art through Pasquale Giacobelli. For this photograph, Pasquale becomes inspired by way of a portrait of Dmitry Ageev.

The rendering is made in 3Ds max with VRAY and It became modeled in Zbrush. The hair has been made with the integrated gadget of Max hair & fur. He extensively utilized this device for creating the fur of the sweater. The face and the detail of the skin are made in Zbrush, the very last image has some tweaks of the DOF managed in Photoshop.

Portrait of Woman
Portrait of Woman pasquale giacobelli inquadrature
Portrait of Woman pasquale-giacobelli-wired
Portrait of Woman pasquale-giacobelli-wirec
Portrait of Woman pasquale-giacobelli-wireb
Portrait of Woman pasquale-giacobelli-wirea
Portrait of Woman pasquale-giacobelli-color-correctionc

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