Raptor Character Rig for Maya Animators


Forestier Marie has shared a new Raptor Rig for Maya users, with the collaboration of Simon Martineau. Simon has done the Modeling and texturing for the character. The character rigging work completely set up in Maya using an advanced skeleton.

Raptor Character Rig for Maya

The rig has advanced controls for body and face with I/K F/K switches including an auto stretch option, which gives you more control when you animating the rig. The tail is set up with farrowed kinematics FK and has a follow and un-follow option with the body, which is good for overlap and settle. You can also you Overlapper May plugin for creating overlapping action without using any dynamics.

Licensing and Technical information

This Raptor rig is completely set up and rigged in Autodesk Maya which works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Use rig for non-commercial purposes only, like animation exercises, personal demo reels, animation contests, etcDOWNLOAD RIG

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