Runwayml brings Real Time Rotoscoping Using Machine Learning


Technology is growing rapidly in all industries using Ai and  Machine Learning. Our CG industry also adopting this new technology to create more realistic images and videos. Do you know or heard of someone Rotoscoping images and videos Using Machine learning and neural network?

Runwayml brings Green Screen online application based on Machine Learning and Ai. You don’t need any complex high-end hardware computer to use Green Screen it will simply work online on any web browser.

We see the simplicity and speed of rotoscoping using the power of Machine Learning. In this short tutorial learn how to rotoscope even some of the most complex shots in a matter of minutes.

Green Screen is the first professional-grade web tool for instantly cutting objects out of your videos. You do not need to be a professional to use the tool. Simply click over the object you want to segment the Green Screen tool will do all your Rotosco work. Say goodbye to pesky rotoscoping tasks that take an eternity with these new tools

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