Create Realistic Digital Characters With MetaHuman from Epic Games


Our CG industry is growing rapidly with new tools and technology to make our work simple. This time Epic Games has announced a new tool developed with the Unreal Engine called Metahuman creator. This tool helps you to create realistic animated humans and faces that move very naturally.

You don’t need any high-end computer hardware to use the tool. The MetaHuman tool works based on a cloud platform it works in real-time in a regular browser. Using this tool you can create real-time digital human in less than an hour. You can create models with unique hairstyle, dress them up in an exclusive outfit, and adapt for production purposes.

The 3d character created with this tool can be used in conjunction with modern motion capture and animation technologies to create lifelike scenes in games and movies. Epic games MetaHuman is Digital Humans Technology you can work without programming knowledge as developers create and sculpt their digital 3d models.

Create Realistic 3d Characters with Metahuman

MetaHuman form Epic Games
If you like to check out those you can download These high-quality, fully rigged samples from the official unity website. The characters represent the current state of the art for real-time digital humans. They serve as a showcase of what’s achievable with MetaHuman Creator. You use it in your Unreal Engine 4 or the latest version UE 5.


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