Rig Export Converter Exchange Animations Between Maya and Game Engines


Are your characters doing weird scale matters coming from Maya? Since some game engines not guide scale compensate, any joint hierarchy you operate in Maya with scale compensate appears wrong. But there may be no problem for the scale compensate setting with the Rig Export Converter plug-in form Nikolay Kurakin’s (Rigger.ws)

Rig Export Converter Can Exchange Rigs and Animations Between Maya and Game Engines

Using Rig Export Converter you can exchange animation data and complex character rigs between Maya and game engines (Unity, Cry Engine, etc.).

It’s a single button that may export complicated individual rigs and animation facts between Maya and maximum of the famous game engines, together with Unity, Cry Engine, and many others. To shipping your rig with the Rig Export device choose the geometry and hit the convert button.

The script will mechanically generate a new skeleton a good way to paintings tons higher as a easy export. Now you could select the brand new version and joints and deliver that rig to any format.

If you’ve got ever had a complex rig which you wanted to push as FBX, you may realize that it may once in a while be difficult. Instead of twiddling with settings and numerous-export tries, why not supply Rig Export Converter a strive.


Сreate Quick Select Sets after converting.
Fix: Installer
Fix: Export scale info

“Select Skinned Joints” menu added.
“Export Selection…” menu added.
Joints duplicated more precisely and accurately.
The details of converting are displayed in script editor.

First Public Release


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