Rocket Girl Character Rig for Blender Free Download


Are looking for a Blender character rig? Check out this Rocket Girl Character free rig from Luciano Munoz. He is a Character Animator from Chile currently living in London, working for Dneg’s Feature Animation department.

 Free Rocket Girl Character Rig for Blender and Maya

This is the original fast rig that VMComix created for Maya. With his permission, Luciano Munoz re-rigged for Blender 2.9+ with Rigify. the facial is not very well weighted but it’s usable.

Rigg features

  1. Full IK/FK blending on arms and legs and hybrid IK/FK systems for torso and head.
  2. “Snappable” IK knees and elbows, with optional FK forearm.
  3. Bendy controls to add arcs to arms/legs.
  4. Local and Parent space switching for various body parts.
  5. Versatile face rig with tweak controls for head, eyelids, lips, teeth

Please check the license before downloading it. Use for non-commercial purposes only.


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