Rotomation – RotoAnim Maya Tutorial Series For Beginners


Hi guys, this Maya tutorial series by supervisor josh, about how do Rotomation – RotoAnim
and technique that animators use, and how to use blendshapes animation to match with live footage. this tutorial will help you develop skills to work for a film or TV company.

Learn about What is Rotomation and Rotoanim

In the visual effects industry, Rotoscoping is the technique of manually developing a matte for an element on a live-motion plate so it could be composited over any other background.

Rotomation and Rotoanim is similar to Rotoscoping this is combination Rotoscoping and animation. that animators use this technique to trace over source live-action movie picture footage, frame by frame tracking to matched with 3d or 2d elements for creating realistic animation actions.

This Part 3 of tutorial series of Rotomation – RotoAnim For Beginners  This video will cover the basics about setup camera and how make basic key poses with rig ,form video footage. and using Blend Shapes.

Rotomation – RotoAnim For Beginners belendshpes  – Part 4

you can also download Project Data file for free that shown in this tutorial

  • What you get in project file
  • Male Rig – Human IK Rig .ma
  • Footage
  • Camera



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