Sheik X Overwatch – Download Free Game Character Rig


Sheik X Overwatch Free Game Character Rig by team collaboration between talented artists, Jack Hammer, Shayleen Hulbert, and Perry Leijten.  Jack Hammer provided Sheik’s concept of art, and Leijten built the character rig.

Sheik X Overwatch Game Character Rig
Sheik X Overwatch Rig Downlaod

Sheik X Overwatch Free Game Character Rig by Shayleen Hulbert Art

A free character rig of a re-imagining of Sheik in 2020 at the Overwatch Universe
Compatible with Maya 2017 – Maya2020

In the Overwatch universe, Sheik is a fearless non-binary hero, a lone wolf raised and trained by their guardian Impa in their small seclusive encampment. A surprise attack by Talon, looking for new ways to advance their own weapons, leaves the Sheikah hideout in ruins. With their sharp skills in sheikah magic and the combative arts, Sheik works alone, abandoning their true identity to regain peace for their people and take back their sacred artifacts.

This has been a large collaborative project with the aim to release a full game res rigged.  The character free for the public to use for only personal animation practice and showreel.

By downloading and using any resources within this package from by Shayleen Hulbert, you agree that your use of all resources included in this package   (including but not limited to the 3D model, geometry, textures, renders, documents, rig, plugins, and animation tools) are licensed so you can use for non-commercial purposes only like personal animation exercises and educational use only.


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