Shiko Character Rig for 3ds Max Free Download


Shiko Character Rig by Ahmed Shalaby he developing Rigs and animation solutions for animator to grow up more. Check out other Rigs for Maya  from Ahmed.

Shiko Character Rig features

-FBIK-like feature
-stretchy squashy and curvy limbs
-IK /FK match and switch
-mirroring /flipping poses and animation
-saving and loading animation with many features
-built in layer manager
-selection Picker
-poseLibrary with many smat features
-smart key and resetting features
-resizeable rig
-name independent features
-accepts Mocap easily (not disclosed in this version )
-multi-layered finger controls for easy and quick posing
-on/off autoeyelid
-flexible lids
-squahsy stretchy and moveable eyes
-flexible brows and mouth controls

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