Stormblades Game Launch Trailer


Stormblades Game For centuries, young Warriors have sought the secrets of the ruins in a quest to prove their worth. Journey on a Warrior’s rite of passage and fight the legendary Keepers. Test your might in the ruins to upgrade your weapon and release its arcane powers.

Demonstrate true skill by dodging the Keepers’ attacks and spells while inflicting your own furious retribution. Land powerful counter-attacks and shatter your enemies’ armor to subdue them. Awaken the ruins’ ancient altars and empower your sword with Essence to take your place among the legends. Claim the Relics of your fallen foes as a token of your conquest.

Stormblades Game
Stormblades Game
Stormblades Game
Stormblades Game Launch Trailer
Stormblades Game Launch Trailer

Stormblades Game Launch Trailer

  • Features:
    * Free-flowing, fast-paced sword fighting action
    * Upgrade your sword and infuse it with mystical powers
    * Battle your way through a variety of unforgiving enemies
    * Venture into the overgrown jungle and discover ruins that time forgot

Customer Reviews

For a free game they did a wonderful job made a quality game! I read other reviews on crashing but I have never had any issue I am running on ip6 it’s smooth runs perfect, And super Fun fast paced if you like this type of gaming it’s awesome … I already making purchases because of how much I like it! I just wish it had story mode! It would be better.

I am now past level 50 and I don’t really understand how the global leader board works exactly I wish it explained I don’t understand why its a percentage like I’m in the top 5% but what does that mean exactly????

I love this game. It is not as gory as Infinity Blade so it makes a little more friendly to kids. It would better if there were armor to buy with Essence, should be able to view every blade instead of having three randomly appear at a time, story plot, and combos. Other than that it’s actually a great game. And also, the female giants are actually extremely innapropiate so if you could just tone it down a little the would be perfect.

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