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Anthro Biped Tiger Rig For Maya With Dynamic Tail Option

Anthro Biped Tiger Rig for Maya, the character that features switchable both IK and FK for arms, legs also convenient breath control and a dynamic...

 Azri Character Rig Simple Animation Rig for Maya 2018

Azri Character Rig By game anime The  Azri Rig is simple to animate  The rig is worked in Maya 2018 also above and you can...

Ox Cartoon Maya Rig (water buffalo) made by Truong

Ox Cartoon Maya Rig Free to download and use for non-comercial purpose only, like animation practice, personal projects, demo reel, 11s club contest, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jowH96PIxJ0&feature=youtu.be Ox Cartoon Maya Rig...

Free Female Character Jasmine Rose Rig for Maya

Fully Rigged Female 3D Character Jasmine Rose Rig is a collaborative project done by both friends Mohammed and Ahmed worked in Maya as part of it Modeling work done by Mohammed Animation...

Malcolm 2.0 Free 3D Character Rig From Animschool

Malcolm 2.0 A great free 3D animation character rig from AnimSchool. it is one of the most popular free 3D character rig for animators. Rig released...