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Getting Started Maya 2018 New feature Tips And Tricks

Autodesk Maya 2018 New feature This release includes major workflow improvements and new tools that help artists work faster With enhancements all over including...

BASH Short film Shows MASH Dynamics node In Maya 2018

BASH is a film produced internally at Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018. https://vimeo.com/228973929

Modeling Workflow in Maya 2018 With New features

Check out the Modeling workflow in Maya 2018 that helped create both the character and environment for our internal project, Wall of Death. We...

Create a low-poly model with clean topology from scanned in Maya

how create a low poly model with clean topology from high-poly scanned date. It's easy when using Multicut and Quadraw from Maya 2018’s Modeling...