The latest version of The Foundry Modo 11 Release


The Foundry Modo 11 Release is it of the maximum effective modeling software on the market today, is to be  One of the primary criticisms of the preceding version became the slowness of the interface and actually the Foundry has focused efforts to enhance Performance and efficiency improvements in Modeo 11.

From Modo11.0v1 ReleaseNotes document reads that there aren’t any real information however several improvements to the modeling and rendering area also Animation  . Two seem especially interesting  Automatic retopology Improvements with the addition of recent alternatives and MeshFusion Workflow Enhancements” that add new alternatives and performance improvements.

From this version you can also purchase Mode with an annual license at price of $599.00
permanent licenses at the pice of $1799 to know more check out the Foundry Modo.

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