The Right Way To Set Up Motion Capture in Blender


Motionbuilder is a program that allows you to retarget motion capture data to a character model. Dragonboots Studios has created a new tutorial that covers the majority of what you need to know to get started with a typical Motion Capture workflow in Blender.

Blender doesn’t do motion capture very effectively by default, that’s why there are so many tutorials out there with incorrect information on how to do it.

This tutorial will show you how to properly set up motion capture in Blender using a process called retargeting to do this properly we are using Auto Rig Pro’ blender add-on. Auto-Rig Pro is a Blender addon that allows you to rig characters, retarget animations, and export Fbx files, as well as providing presets for game engines.

This is part two of our tutorial on how to use the ‘Animation Layers’ addon and modify our non-destructive motion-capture animation.

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