Thinking Particle for 3ds Max – Learn Basic Features of Thinking Particles


Thinking Particle for 3ds Max Tutorial from imyourfriend. He will show us the basic features of thinking particles 5 and how to set up a pretty simple system. Its a series of tutorials that will cover the world of particles within Thinking Particles

 Thinking Particle system in 3ds Max

In this tutorial, Learn how Thinking Particle system work in 3ds Max I will begin to walk you through the Tutorial. We, Will, begin by comparing its structure to the standard particle emitter, and then walk you through a basic setup. As this series progresses, I hope to go more in-depth and see what this system can do for us.

In the tutorial, I will show how to work(or play-around) with Thinking Particles to build event-based particle systems. I will also show how to combine TP with mograph so you can create a particlesystem then add more complexity to your animation with your favorite Mograph-effectors.

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