Toon Shader Tool Makes Easy for Creating Toon Renders


When you want render toon shader you will scearech for evryting. We make it simple by fiending simple tools. Toon shader tool for Maya using Redshift, by Gary Crane. using this tool thay are many methods on the redshift forums. It allows you to create a toon shader in RS for Maya.

Create a toon shader in Redshif  for Maya

Techical artist gary crane create some of expales what was shown on the redshift forums about toon shading and created a simple tool that will create a toon shader in RS for Maya.
He added some aovs for Cryptomatte in nuke that can be used to get clean lines. This is the best method for lines in RS.

He  also tested tool by added a couple other tools to help make things easier.
If you want to add an object ID to your object just select your group and assign a number.
gary crane also assign color attribute to help with quickly setting up multiple colors and using the same shader.

gary crane toon graph

Download Shader

Cell Shader Tool  Arnold 5  and Maya, Free cell Shader Tool for Arnold 5 and Maya from Technical and Rigging Artist Steffano Richi It allows you to create toon shader, using native nodes of maya. Also creates AOV automatically.
The tool is free to download, visit the post for the Maya tool to learn more.

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