After Effects Tracker Master – Combine Tracked Points and Masks


Tracker master is a powerful post tracking tool, built to make common compositing process fast and easy. Tracker Master can:

Tracker Master For After Effects To Combine Tracked Points

1) Join tracked points and tracked masks seamlessly, to generate extended motion tracks.

2) Auto extend tracked points or masks motion.

3) Smooth tracked points and tracked masks motion.

4) Generate animated track points from tracked masks.

5) Generate animated masks from tracked points.

6) Generate video clones from tracks. The video clone simplifies common compositing tasks, as: add, duplicate or remove objects.

7) Generate video corner clones from tracks. The corner clone surface can be interactively adjusted accordingly to pins motion. The clone stabilized surface, makes difficult compositing tasks easier: roto work, beauty work, add, duplicate or remove objects.

8) Generate video corner object from tracks. The video object is a static video clone that can be moved in the scene. Useful to duplicate objects.

All clones types are keyframes-less. All clones types have content transformations and time offset controls.

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