TRCR Maya Rigging Tool Make Rigs Under One Hour


Truong CG Artist is offering many free rigs and scripts for animators and CG artists this time he Devlaped TRCR is a Maya rigging Tool for faster rigging to save lost of production time.

What’s TRCR Rigging Tool ? and How it works

TRCR is a Maya rigging tool, it uses Advanced Skeleton for all the rigging jobs and ngskin to smooth the weight. I just invented a different way to use it. The goal is to fasten the process of (Adv Skel) rigging, the user just needs to select faces or objects then submit.

And leave all the hard stuffs for machine (placing joints, skinning, adjust control curves, attach props to character, making proxy version)

Yes, the entire rigging process should be under 1 hour.

TRCR stands for Truong Concept Rig >> the goal is for anyone using Maya, can Rig (even concept artist. Hopefully. That’s why it has this name. I will sure out of job if this comes true haha)


 TRCR requires Advanced Skeleton and ngskin to run. Please read more here:


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