Tree Sculpting using ZBrush with ZTree plugin by Dargelos Nezum


This is a tree sculpting tutorial in zbrush with the ZTree plugin by Dargelos Nezumi. You can download Plugin on Zbrush Central .

Tree Sculpting using ZBrush ZTree plugin by Dargelos
Tree Sculpting with ZTree plugin

Tree Sculpting with  ZTree plugin

ZTrec is a plugin for Zbrush that offers a few greater gear that may be useful when running with Zsphercs. the use of ZTrcc you may easily create trees with an elaborate set of branches however, if you aren’t modeling trees, “copy and paste” Zsphcres may be available for lots other matters. This plug-in changed into created with the idea of assisting you version trees or vegetation doing the tedious repetitive tasks, however it has no “make me a willow tree” button. you need to manual the modeling and it has no species presets. you may create random trees with more than one clicks however you’ll need to do a chunk of tweaking in case you want a selected tree specie or an alien tree.

To install the plugin, unzip it into the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pixologic\ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\ZPlugs

The tools we’ll be using are ZTree which makes use of ZSpheres, Adaptive Mesh, Surface Noise and Fibermesh.

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