TyFlow Deep Dive 3D Simulation Course by RedefineFX


After a massive response to the tyFlow Basecamp course by Redefine FX, Now it released a new TyFlow Deep Dive course comprising over 55 brand new lessons divided across 8 chapters.

Topics that include custom properties; simulations and particle binds; generating and manipulating VDB using objects and particles combining. Learn how to use the TyFlow with Phoenix FD; with the set, link, and move to target nodes.

Generate & influence particles based on Phoenix liquid & smoke simulations, and go deeper on all major operators, including cloth simulations, comprehensive overview of the powerful Set Target operator. The new CUDA accelerated particle binds, splines, tearing, inflating, and so much more.

Also learn to use tyActors to generate crowds, animated characters, & ragdolls, combine multiple animations. The course includes 40+ Unique tyFlow Project Files to make it easy to follow along.

You can enroll in all the 3 TyFlow Deep Dive courses for $197 on sale for the first 4 Days. after which time The price will go up to $297 and then up again to $397. You can know more More information, examples, and details at Redefine FX’s website.

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