Unity Technologies Released ArtEngine 2021.5


We already know that ArtEngine is An AI-Powered Texturing Tool from Unity Technologies. This time it Released ArtEngine 2021.5 based on AI-assisted artistry which helps you to create ultra-realistic materials. The new features in ArtEngine 2021.5 include Selector speeds up and enhances mask generation. Also, the powerful node reinvents how masks are used in ArtEngine.


This update includes that Multi-Angle to Texture (MATT) node which allows you to specify multiple parameters for your capture Rig to fine-tune the results. The key tools included that can increase the resolution of textures additionally it also convert the color texture into a bump map. You can also check more details and example project files of ArtEngine from the Unity blog.

Pricing and Technical details

ArtEngine is now available only for Windows 8.1+ in the same way it required a compatible Nvidia GPU. ArtEngine is rental-only, and the price for the standard edition is $19 per seat/month and $1,140/year, which is a limited-time discount. more details about the product

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