Updated Overlapper for Maya Now works faster and works with cycle


Overlapper has an update with new futures witch more users requested . The latest version  now it works faster and works with cycle animation also for Game animators.

Overlapper MEL script for Maya for creating animation overlaping action

Overlapper MEL script Tool  developed  by Dmitrii Kolpakov for animators using this tool you Can Easily Cycle When Creating Automatic Overlapping Animations in Maya, Overlapper doesn’t use any dynamics so the script is more stable and faster.


  • Non dynamic engine (no bugs on fast moving objects)
  • Automatically find controls hierarchy (work perfect with simple FK system, adapted for Advanced Skeleton rigs)
  • Can add wind
  • Work on selected timeline range
  • Adaptive scale. Automaticly find the best scale for your animation (don’t need spent time to find parameters)
  • Work with already animated objects
  • Сreate seamless overlapping action for cycle animation
  • Can bake animation from Tool  immediately on animation layer
  • Create overlapping action for translation too
  • Create selection set for overlapped controls or objects

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