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UV Packer 3 is a tool for the automatic packing of UV clusters It is a one-click answer to the laborious work of sorting and compressing unwrapped polygons into UV sheets. The tool allowing users to reduce total file sizes for sets of texture maps. it’s is a useful tool for the needs of 3D artists, game studios, arch-viz, photogrammetry, industry, and 3D product designers.

The Plugin developed by 3d-io, which is developing 3d art tools, they conceptualizing, design, prototype, and create digital visual content. With a combination of creative and coding expertise. Now, 3d-io release Their powerful latest version UV packing 3 tools for free. The company is also working to develop a UV packing plugin tool for a new Blender version.

New Features in the latest version of UV Packer

In the latest 2021 update, UV Packer massively optimized for extreme high-polygon assets. You can pick 8,000 UV clusters for an 80,000 polygon building in just 3 seconds. You can also save 48% UV space and also 35% space usage with 3DS Max’s native UV.

  • Minimal UV area waste

The first rule of determining a good UV packing is how much UV area was left uncovered.
The more space is wasted, the worse is the texture quality of the model.

UV-Packer comes with unique, sophisticated methods of packing to maximally reduce off-cuts and eliminate unused UV space

No overlapping, exact padding
UV Packer no overlapping

The advantage of UV-Packer is the precise assessment of padding values.
The space between UV clusters is calculated correctly and exactly distributed overall charts, creating equal distances between all UV clusters.

One-click omnivore

The key rule: “If 3ds Max can load it, UV-Packer can pack it!” Obscure 3D creations degenerated faces, generic unwraps, or flipped faces – UV-Packer crunches and compresses them all equally. It simply won’t leave you doing manual work afterward.

Heavy lifting technology


In five years, the key 3D technologies will be all about Photogrammetry, KitBashing, Zbrush, Quixel, etc. All of them share one common property: A massive amount of UV clusters and millions of polygons. UV Packer has an absolute edge when it comes to dealing with this problem: it is conceptualized from scratch to lift heavy weights!

Multi packing, multithreading


UV-Packer gives you the choice: pack each object individually or group them together in one UV sheet.
As such it can be used both for geometry exporting for texture painting or to optimize texture baking of multiple assets.

UV tool also benefits from the massive power delivered by the newest processors and distributes countless packing operations to all available computation units.

Resolution independent


No matter if you work with a 256 pixel or 10000 pixels UV sheet, the unwrapping is equally fast.
Thanks to its newest technology, UV Packer eliminates the incrementally longer packing times when increasing the UV space resolution.

UV tiles support

Blender, Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance – each modern application supports UV space tiling. The tool comes with an easy-to-understand, automatic UV tiling support.



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