VirtuCamera iOS App Now Supports Blender for Camera Animation


VirtuCamera Plugins were formerly only available for Maya, but now it also available for Blender. It is an iOS app that allows the user to create camera animations like they would with a real camera. 

The Virtucamera app captures camera motions and connects them over Wi-Fi to 3D software Maya and Blender which records the movement as keyframes.

The app has a lot of features that save a lot of time for the camera animation. Using the app you can set and record focal length with a slider. It supports scaling camera movements to travel longer distances. You can see what is recording, the 3d software Maya or Blender viewport is streamed live with a frame rate of up to 60fps. The app costs only  $4.99, you can download it from the VirtuCamera website.

This is the short video output of Gremlins film that creates with VirtuCamera. Know more about how a Gremlins fan film was made with the help of VirtuCamera in an article by Ian Failes on Cartoon Brew.

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