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VRoid Studio Free Software To Create 3D Characters


Are you really passionate  about creating 3d models this is right choice for you,  create your own original 3d character that what you dream with VRoid Studio by Pixiv.let’s go in depth to know more

Let’s  Know What is VRoid Studio?

It is an free application that can be used by anyone, with VRoid Studio you can create 3D models of humanoid avatars (i.e. characters). 3D models created with VRoid Studio are available on various VR/AR contents as avatars,that can be used for  both for commercial and non-commercial . This application runs on both Windows and Mac.

A user can simply create character using VRoid Studio and they can use that character as their avatar on various VR/AR platforms that support the VRM format.

Recently, 3D models are vastly employed in VR/AR environments as Avatars to communicate with others, as Virtual YouTubers and more.
However, up until now, creating a character from zero has been something that very few people could do.
3D modeling software also tend to be perceived as very hard to use, requiring a very specific set of skills; even creators excelling in the 2D art field might have a hard time modeling their characters according to their own imagination, and the process itself can take a great amount of time.

The grate thing about VRoid Studio it’s is easy to use and allows anyone can create their ideal characters with out any advanced skills.

What is the core concept of the VRoid project

If you can make your character (with vroid hair presets, clothes), which was previously expressed only on a flat surface, three-dimensional in 3D space and use it in the production of animation and games, the range of creation will be greatly expanded.

With VRoid studio many creators will feel the fun and possibilities of creating huge 3D content and that many professional works can be created, and as a result, the number of creators who can handle 3D will increase.

So far, VRoid has supported innovative activities expressed in flat media inclusive of illustrations, comics and novels. In the future, we can preserve to provide services that support 3D innovative activities inside the VRoid mission.”

With VRoid Studio Creating Manga characters fast and easy and export 3d characters to  Unreal engine for Games.

Bring life to your character with VRoid Hub

VRoid Hub 3D characters

You can simply upload your 3D model in VRoid HUB it supports 3D model data in VRM layout. VRM is a popular-cause report layout for 3D avatars.) to VRoid Hub, you can create a profile web page where your individual comes alive. On its profile, you can sign up facts together with its name and individual features, social media hubs and much extra. You also can share the version records with different customers under the usage conditions of your choice.

Characters uploaded  to VRoid Hub the model data provided through other customers may be utilized in diverse kinds of content material, which includes VR/AR platforms or video games. Just sign up together with your pixiv account on apps connected with VRoid Hub (*2) to use your favored characters. VRoid studio going to add New apps in upcoming updates.

Download VRoid Studio by accepting Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

 Download VRoid Studio (v 0.7.2) Win version (64 bit)

 Download VRoid Studio(v 0.7.2) Mac version

VRoid Studio Mobile App

VRoid Studio Mobile App

Pixiv Developed Mobile application also for the users ,using app you can enjoy playing with original 3D characters by taking a pictures with camera, VRoid Mobile convert into 3D characters,you can also change the models by editing.

Mobile app has many options to make you own 3D manga avatar,  in editing mode combine the face, hair and body parts freely, but you can also adjust the parts freely just by moving the slider! The size of the limbs, the length of the limbs, the color of the eyes and the color of the hair can also be changed according to your preference.

Download VRoid Mobile App for Android

Download VRoid Mobile APP for IOS



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