What Are IES Lights -Download Free IES Lighting Files From IES Library


This tutorial helps you learn about the IES Library and how IES lights work? IES stands for the Illuminating Engineering Society. IES Lights have defined a file format for describing the distribution of light from a light source.

IES lights are a very useful way of lighting your 3D scenes in a life-like manner. They are mostly used for indoor architecture renders, but can add to the overall look & feel of every scene. Here we collect some tutorials on how to set up an IES light in Blender Cycles, Redshift, and Corona Renderer.

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to incorporate IES files into your scene lights, and how to tweak them, where to find IES files online for free, and how to quickly view them without the hassle of rendering them over and over again in Maya.

Jurgen Furrer has released IES Library, a new online library of IES files for use in architectural visualization and illustration work. You can make better render with real-world lighting, with more than 90,000 IES files ready to download for free.

How To Setup IES Library Light In Blender?

These IES files are supported by most 3D design and visualization software, including DCC software like 3ds Max, Blender, and Maya, or through renderers like Redshift, and Corona Renderer.

Also, they have created a scene in Blender, where a light source hangs 5cm in front of a wall and 1m above the floor. We then calculated this scene automatically for each IES file using python.

Learn How To Setup IES Light Profiles In Corona Render Cinema 4D?

In this tutorial let’s check how to create realistic lighting in Corona Renderer in Cinema 4D.

How To Setup IES Light Profiles In Redshift?

Here you can learn how quickly to set up an IES library light, and connect one of the many profiles on offer to it using the Redshift lighting in Maya.


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