What’s New Features Unreal Engine 5


Epic Games just launched Unreal Engine 5 in early access. The news was announced Wednesday during a Livestream of the company. You can watch the live recording in the bellow Youtube video to know new features in Unreal Engine 5.

The long-awaited release of the next generation of the game engine and real-time rendering system, UE5 streamlines the interface of the Unreal editor and introduces a range of new disruptive technologies.

Highlights include a complete new IK solver, an animation motion distortion, improved character rigging in the editor, updates to Chaos physics, and a new intelligent global score system.

  • The new user interface design -UI

The most obvious change to the Unreal Editor in Unreal Engine 5 is its new interface design, designed to reduce visual clutter and maximize screen space devoted to the viewing window.

The Content Browser can now be accessed like a drawer hotkeys, permitting you to keep a spotless workspace while as yet approaching all the substance that you need.

unreal engine 5 content browser
  • New rendering features in Unreal engine 5

The UE5 has added new features to rendering, the most significant are undoubtedly Nanite, Lumen, and Virtual Shadow Maps, its new real-time dynamic global illumination system, both announced last year.

UE5-Nanite Unreal engine 5

The virtualized geometry supports orders of magnitude more triangles without compromising speed, and replaces the traditional system of mesh LODs, the management of all detailed transitions seamlessly, without any additional configuration.

In other words, Nanite allows the artist to create while the motor does the job.By switching to this Nanite view, you can see individual triangles rendered in various colors in the viewport.

Some other new features in UE5

  • The VSMS Super-Resolution AA system
  • Dynamic GI system Lumen for global illumination solution.
  • A procedural Sky Atmosphere System
  • Quixel Bridge now integrated directly into the Unreal UI
  • MegaAssemblies, which are prebuilt combinations of assets available through Quixel Bridge
  • World Partition, a new way of managing large open worlds
  • New Data Layers system
  • The game features separate plugins
  • Animation Motion Warping, Full-Body IK solver and Control Rig
  • The new MetaSounds audio creation system

System requirements and availability

The Unreal Engine 5 production release will be available in 2022. The current stable release, Unreal Engine 4.26, is available for 64-bit Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Use of the editor is free, as is rendering non-interactive content. For games developed by the engine, Epic takes 5% of the raw royalties after the first $1 million generated from a title.

You can download and Lerna more about Unreal Engine 5 from  Epic Games’ website

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