ZBrush 4R7 New Features And Workflow With Latest Tools


ZBrush 4R7 New Features Workflow With Latest Tools Follow along with ZBrush 4R7 beta team artist David Richardson, as he shows you his workflow with the latest tools in ZBrush. With ZBrush 4R7 comes the ZModeler brush. This smart polygonal modeling system

ZBrush 4R7 New Futures Workflow With Latest Tools

is designed to simplify your creation process. Quickly and dynamically create new
shapes, doing so more easily than ever before possible: fuse polygons, delete full blocks
of geometry, connect parts with advanced paths, and repeat your actions with a single
With the ZModeler brush, ZBrush takes a quantum leap beyond the organics that it
is already relied upon for. You can refine the shape of your model in real-time to revolutionize
how you create hard surface models, architectural structures, or highly detailed
environments. The possibilities are endless.

Pixologic is proud to announce ZBrush 4R7, our final release in the ZBrush 4 series. Take advantage of ZBrush 4R6 now and get a free upgrade to ZBrush 4R7.

ZBrush to KeyShot bridge teaser

KeyShot is advanced 3D rendering and animation software that simplifies the entire media creation process with an intuitive, streamlined user interface and a revolutionary animation workflow that allows the creation of fully rendered animations in real time.
ZBrush to KeyShot teaser: This new feature allows you to send your models from ZBrush straight to KeyShot for advanced renderings. Along the way, you’ll also see the ZBrush 4R7 ZModeler in action.

Join us, as Pixologic’s own Paul Gaboury takes on a tour through ZBrush 4R7 New features. He will be covering all of the new exciting features, which include ZModeler, Array Mesh, NanoMesh, and the ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge. He’s even going to share a couple of other additional features you may not have been aware of in ZBrush4R7
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