ZBrush Basic Tutorials Introduction To Zbrush For Beginners


ZBrush Basic Tutorials interdiction to software over view  and then go over some of the extra tools in Zbrush that can really help you in your workflow. These extra features provide basic, but intuitive tools for you to use in your work.

ZBrush Basic Tutorials 2

ZBrush Basic Tutorials 1ZBrush Basic Tutorials   series made to introduce newcomers to ZBrush,   ZBrush is very powerful digital sculpting program.  who wish to learn about the program, and gain a basic understanding of it’s functions.

we will not be going in depth on a number of advanced features(that term is up to debate, but regardless). The foundation of this series is to get you associated with the basic tools and navigation of Zbrush. For advanced tools and techniques, you can view a number of alternative sources, as well as other Youtube videos covering them. They are not difficult to find.

ZBrush Basic Tutorials  Introduction To Zbrush  Geometry Menu

In this lesson, we will be covering the functions of the geometry menu, and how to control our subdivisions using various tools.

Z Brush Basics – Lesson 3 of 10 – Subtools Menu

this lesson, we cover the subtool menu, it’s functions, and how to achieve things like combining tools and other things.

Z Brush Basics – Lesson 4 of 10 – Materials Menu

In this part of our series, we will cover the materials menu, how they are used, and practical applications for them.

Lesson 5 of 10 – Sculpting

In this lesson, we will finally be touching upon basic sculpting and technique, as well as functions that help you understand the foundation of sculpting in Zbrush.

Lesson 6 of 10 – Using Other Brushes

In this part, we will cover alternative techniques to use with sculpting, as well as brushes and basic use of alphas in sculpting.

Lesson 7 of 10 – Alphas

In this lesson, we will go into using alphas in your workflow, how they work, and how to also create your own within Photoshop for use in Zbrush.

Lesson 8 of 10 – Polypainting

n this part of the series, we will be getting into texturing using Zbrushes own Polypaint system, how and what Polypainting means, how to get the most out of it, and finally how to export your textures to a usable UV map.

Lesson 9 of 10 – Rendering

In this final lesson, we will go over some basic lighting and exporting functions, as well as preparing a tool for exportation, using optimization to control our polycount.


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