Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques Sci-Fi Device By Edge-CGI


In this tutorial, we’ll take a seem at some new area topic inside Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques by Edge-CGI This video covers some general strategies at the back of concepting tough floor objects in Zbrush.

Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques Zbrush 4R7 Sci-Fi Device
Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques Zbrush 4R7 Sci-Fi Device

Some basic Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques

Eugene will advise you on some tactics to create more polished paneling as opposed to sculpting with trim brushes. We’ll see how we will slice our base mesh with SliceCurve brush, and recombine polygroups. Also, we’ll become aware of area loop instruments in the geometry tab, the way to use panel loops to quickly generate a set of panels, and the right way to create paneling to appear by means of hand in designated areas.

Finally, we’ll create some custom alphas correct inside Zbrush and combine them with customized stroke approaches to swiftly generate surface details. Hope you find these strategies priceless and put in force them to your tough surface workflow.

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