Zbrush Sculpting Beginners Series Start With Basic Tools and Techniques


Zbrush Sculpting Tutorial for Beginners In this Tutorial for beginners you will learn how to sculpt a T-Rex Dinosaur with some mechanical parts.
zbrush tutorial beginner

Zbrush Sculpting Organic & Hard-Surface

This Tutorial series is aimed at beginners so it assumes that you have no or little experience in using Zbrush.
you will cover general UI, navigation using a tablet or mouse, views, matcaps, brushes,alphas, dynamesh,masks and sculpting in general.

You will be covering basics at the beginning of each part of the tutorial before moving onto more advanced techniques. Repeating parts of this series is time-lapsed to save time. All the techniques that are used through the time-lapse phases are explained at the beginning of the video so you should have no problems following along.

Through the time-lapse parts, your instructor Max will commentate general tips and explain some theory behind his sculpting technique. Hope you enjoyed part one of this series, Stay tuned for more!

Zbrush Sculpting Tutorial for Beginners Series

This series was created by Max from Arrimus 3D, he has his own YouTube channel where he has many more 3D Tutorials so if you enjoyed this series, make sure you check it out!

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