ZBrush SKIN Brushes Pack Update From ZBrush Guides


ZBrush Guides Release new updated The Skin Brushes pack with 26 new custom skin brushes. The collection now includes 69 brushes for working on details to achieve a realistic skin texture with the micro details.

These brushes created with ZBrush 2021.1 (so you need this or a newer version of ZBrush for the brushes to work properly).

Create realistic skin texture with ZBrush SKIN Brushes

This video is an overview of the new update for the ZBrush skin brushes pack. Pablo Munoz shows you the effect of every new brush and the way he using them. Learn tips for the workflow of sculpting details in ZBrush.

ZBrush SKIN Brushes Types

What’s new? in Update

The update focuses on specific areas that were created to fill an important gap in the sculpting and creation of human skin (particularly when modeling the face). The brushes for this update, are specific to reproduce the all necessary micro details of certain areas of the face and they also let you control the ‘flow’ of the wrinkles and pores.

The updated collection includes 4 types of brushes. There are also a couple of brushes for a more ‘generic pass’ and other brushes that work as ‘steps’ in the creation of more generic patterns.

  • Specific brushes for particular areas of the face
  • All-purpose brushes that can be used anywhere
  • Refining brushes for polishing and custom smooth
  • Workflow brushes for more generic patterns

This update is FREE if you already purchased the earlier version of the pack. Get the update pack on the official website.

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